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Live Life to the fullest everyday!

About Me


I'm Ruth E Wyatt, an inspired writer who self-published my first book.

Lately, I've been getting my next book ready for publication. This time, I hope to get published the conventional way. My manuscript is currently with an editor. I'm looking forward to having it released, hopefully, at the end of the year.

As I work from home, during the hours I'm not working at my computer, I journal my goals, dreams, and aspirations to develop ideas to write another book.  

I have been married for more years than I'm willing to say to Nathanael, and I have one daughter that is  considered as still being at home.  She's a college student and works part-time.  And then there are the other three, who are grown and on their own.  My six grandchildren visit my home fairly often. I figure they visit as often as they do due to the fact that most of them only live a few minutes away.

I am Christian and spend a lot of time in fellowship with the Lord and reading the Bible.  I believe in His leading, and I lean on his guidance. 

Many hours of my time is spent in a designated quiet space in my home, doing my favorite things; avid reading, and writing in my journal.  

Spring is my favorite season. It represents renewal and new beginnings for me. I love the sound of rain tapping softy on the window pane, looking at the flowers bloom, the trees budding and blooming and the freshly mowed lawns, while the grass is at it's greenest.  

My love for the grandchildren comes first, love for everybody else comes on a slightly sliding scale. 

Mingling with people of every ethnicity is one of my favorite things to do. Learning about their heritages and tasting the variety of their ethnic fare of  foods, enriches and extends my love of life. 

My interest in Current Events is unrelenting. No matter how turbulent, I tune in and try to be informed.  I have to admit, sometimes I get emotionally charged.


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About The Book

During her adolescent years, Katie had a naturally brilliant mind. Her family was sure she had a real chance of having a bright future. She'd worked hard to get a High School Diploma and her reward for all of her hard work was a job teaching in her county's school system. However, soon thereafter, she got married and decided to forego being a career woman to be a housewife and mom. 

So it happened, instead of the life her family had hoped was a given, was not the life she encountered. Her life became one filled with down-turns and disappointments. In a matter of a few years, her life became hectic and hard to fathom because she found herself living in impossible servitude. 

Constant hard work and perseverance kept her husband and her family afloat.Then suddenly, out of the blue, life took a devastating turn for the absolute worst. Her husband was killed.

Katie had met her husband when she was 22 years old. She married him not even a year later. Two months before her first year anniversary, she began having children. Then, seemingly on schedule, she had a baby every two years... until she gave birth to ten children. 

Her children became her life's mission, after she lost everything dear to her. She girded herself with nothing but resolve and started over with no resources other than her own ingenuity and true grit. 

Every stage of Katie's life-journey is a testimony to her perseverance over trials that should have conquered her. However, Katie triumphed over her demons and lived a long rewarding life. She achieved her goals by keeping the faith in her higher-power, being consistent, with many years of persistence and hard work.  For that reason, I felt compelled to crown her;  "A Lady Who Won the Prize"

Published March-2012
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