Writer's Precious Time

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Classical Historical Events

Posted by RWyatt on May 30, 2012 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

A moving collection of iconic photographs from the last 100 years that demonstrate the heartbreak of loss, the tremendous power of loyalty, and the triumph of the human spirit. Warning: Some of these will make you weep.


How I Made It Here

Posted by RWyatt on May 18, 2012 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (0)

My journey to where I am now, author of a book, took many years with lots of ups and downs and twists and turns.  There were successes and failures. I would say more failures than successes. But  here I am still forging on.

When I was fifteen, I prayed to be a singer. I practiced singing and took singing lessons until I was twenty-something. I took singing lessons from a voice coach who was so strict that I only took them for a short period. I found singing to be a serious undertaking, not to be taken lightly.  Simutaneously, I had babies, a husband and a full-time job by this time.  Not to mention the immense amount of time I spent at church and other social events with my many friends, associates, and acquaintances.  

Oh yes, I juggled, not very successfully I must say, all these additional activities along with the afore-mentioned responsibilities in my false sense of capablities. I gave up my voice lessons after a hard and heart-wrenching try. In hind-sight  though, I think I gave up too soon because my coach told me I could have become a celebrity akin to the lead actress who played "Laura" on "The Little House on the Prairie" television series. He thought I was that good!

Almost a full decade passed, and after I was laid-off my full-time job, I enrolled in a Real Estate class at the local College. I had a transcendent, self-assured, confidence that I was going to be the best Real Estate agent ever. I passed my classes with one of the highest scores in the class, then passed the licensing exams and got my license to sell Real Estate. I was faring really well before the 2008 "housing downturn" happened. I reluctantly gave in to the trend and suspended my career as a current agent selling residental Real Estate, hoping it would only be for one season or two, in early 2009.

While I was comteplating what step to take next, I had to get real serious about what  direction my caeer should take to keep myself sane. By that time, even though I was an at home mom and wife, my child had grown up and I needed an outlet to fulfill my ambitions. She was thirteen and didn't need me as she once had. I had always loved writing and had been told by my minister that one day I would become a writer. Now that I had made that decision, what would I write about. I had been journaling since 1984, but I didn't want to write anything about my own life story.

I was at home visiting my mom in Mississippi, when my sisters and I started asking my mom questions about her family and about what her life was like as a youngster. My sister started taking notes and said we should somehow record her life story because hers was a very interesting and eventful life indeed. My mind started contemplating at that moment; Why not? Why not write a book about this thought provoking life of my Mother's? I put it off for another whole year.

In the beginning of 2009, I was at home, it was cold outside and my mind was racing with what can I do to keep myself busy. My instincts and my spirit was urging me that my mom's life was not as long here with us as it had been. She was 94 and going to be 95 in a few months. She was looking frail and her mind was playing awful tricks on her. I felt she was seaching for her exit from this present world. It was evident to me that she was seeking her "higher power" to take her to her heavenly home.

I got busy. I asked my daughter who was in high school to set me up on Word to get me started writing her story.  I was absolutely inspiried.  This was it. Her's would be an awe inspiring story.

Every chance I got, I wrote. I wrote notes and paragraphs by long-hand on paper, and some I entered on Word in my computer. I called my siblings one by one to ask for their input. During that time, I was volunteering at the town's Hospital once a week and having to travel to Mississippi to care for Mother, atleast, once every other month. She now needed her three daughters' aide to care for her and to see to it that she lived securely in her home. Because of those reasons, I wrote intermittingly. In between house work and having only one computer in the house, I wrote when I got a chance. It took me two years to finish my book to my satisfaction. I wanted this book to tell my mother's story in conjunction with telling my family's history, and to tell an entertaining tale as well. Therefore, I grasped for the right words to tell her story to put the reader right there in the moment where the characters were, back then. I wanted the epic to come alive for my readers. I researched events that were going on during that era and brought those historical facts into the story to authenticate it.

Now I had a product, but I didn't have an inkling of what to do next. I asked a few people who I thought would know, including people I was aware of and knew who had publlished books themselves. I got answers that were very valuable from a couple of them. Two of them, whose names I will mention, hoping they won't mind, were very helpful.

Sandra Hamer whose book was published much earlier, "The Glory...., the Hair", and CM Taylor who had written a few books prior also. One of her books is entittled "What Manner of Love!". I am forever grateful to them, I followed their suggestions and my mauscript was underway, ready to be published.

I researched quite a few avenues to publish my work and found out memoirs as a first work, are hard to get published conventionally. With that news being what I had to contend with, I started looking for self-publishers. I needed one that could work with me because my funds were very limited for this particular project. After interveiwing many of them, I chose the one I thought had the best deal and went with them. Now I'm hoping I chose right! So far, so good.

After a whole year of proof-reading and re-reading, editing, pouring over the words I'd chosen and working with my Author/Manager at FriesenPress, Sandra Ali, to put out a good book with an outstanding cover, my book was released in March, 2012. Hallelujah!!

Watch for my blogs each week. I will be keeping my followers abreast of my happenings and the myrid new things I've learned about writing and publishing ones' work.

Thank you for your "Precious Time" taken to read about the journeys I've had to tred.

Ruth E Wyatt/

Ruth Purnell-Wyatt/Writer-Author