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Katie Ruth Holmes met and married Aaron Purnell within the same year.  They started their family almost immediately.  In just a few short years, their family was too large for the income they earned. When they were unable to comfortably afford to feed and clothe their growing family, Aaron, being a very consciencious provider, planned another way. He made the hard decision, taking a few suggestions his family had given him, to move away.  He moved his family to Missouri. The story continues.......

"Aaron boarded the bus at the Winona Bus station for Portageville, Missouri to check the situation he'd been told about out......

Aaron knew he would have to be cautious traveling thru Mississippi. He knew the Klu Klux Klan were very edgy at this particular time.  They were lynching black men just because, and merely on general principle.  He'd heard of a lynching a few days back that happened over in Duck Hill.  

What he'd heard was: A black guy that was unfortunate enough to have been walking along a graveled road in the back woods of the rural area of Duck Hill, met a gang of four white men.  The poor fellow was ordered by these menacing young clan members to pull a half-dead calf out of a ditch.  Despite the fact of their threats, he was unable to lift the young calf, that weighed more than he did, from where it had fallen,. The young man knew he couldn't do what they were asking of him, but he surmised the situation and knew he'd better get it done or else.  He tried with all his might to lift the calf out of the ditch by himself, he just couldn't do it.  Consequently, they brutally attacked him. Still, after they'd beaten him unmercifully, they wolfed at him and commanded him with death threats using menacing cuss words to get their calf out the ditch back on the road where they were. 

It didn't take the heady young white guys long, when they saw the thin young man struggling and saw he wasn't strong enough to accomplish what they wanted, their brutal hateful instincts took over. The guys felt brave because they outnmbered their prey four to one. Whitout any other waraning, they lynched him unmercilessly, right there a few feet off the untraveled, back woods road. The ruthless killers hung the defenseless young man in a big oak tree after they'd beaten him to death and left him hanging there.  

The man who told this story to Aaron said the calf, the obect of the story, was owned by a member of the gang.  It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, neither the owner nor his friends wanted to be bothered with the dirty work of rescuing the animal themselves. Obviously, they felt  the job was beneath them. It wasn't a job they felt was fit for them to be handling that day. They were still in their 'Sunday's best' they'd worn to the church services. It was a very unfortunate coincidence for the young black man. Because when they saw the poor young fellow walking in the thick wooded area all along, the gang felt unashamed to commit this awful bloody muder and did it without any remorse. They never feared any repercussions for their actions while they were in the heat of their pleasure killing. They didn't care in the least bit if anyone ever found out about their dastardly deed.

So even though Aaron was anxious and looking forward to this trip, he was very aware of the dangers of being a black man traveling along. He was determined to get to Missouri, but stayed watchful and very alert. He intended to get to his destination safe and alive."

This is an excerpt from the Book, The Saga of Katie Ruth

This is a story that sounds very familiar to all black Mississippians. This particular incident though, didn't happen near the time of Aaron's travel to Missouri. This paragraph and others is the reason I decided to appoint the book as Fiction.  I think somewhere there is the claim that the book is non-fiction, but its not.

The statement was made at the time of publication on the title page:  **Some names in this novel have been changed and events and facts have been modified in order to protect the innocent and for creative purposes.

I hope this statement is sufficient because, I know there are people out there ready to 'nay say' many of the incidents that I've creatively written about. Herein, my aim was to give my readers a good book to curl up with and to thoroughly enjoy reading.

God's Over Flowing Bessings!

Ruth Wyatt/

Ruth Purnell-Wyatt/Author

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