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I Beg to Differ

Posted by RWyatt on July 30, 2012 at 1:15 AM

A few days after the Aurora, Colorado shooting, everyone was voicing their opinions about it.  A friend of mine wrote a blog about it and expressed his opinion as well.  He stated that in his opinoin: every American should be licensed and able to carry a concealed weapon.  His stance on the The Gun Control laws as they are today, are nothing more than, in his words "B.S". He believes if there had been atleast one person in that theater that was armed, the lives lost and people wounded wouldn't have been no where near what it was.  Twelve killed and 58 wounded, some severly, some crippled or paralized for life.

At first I read his dissertation and took it in to my thought processes at face value. I said to myself, 'sounds reasonable'.  But then when I had a while to think it through, my reasoning took me in a totally different direction.  

I argued: An average person, when planning an exciting night out to see a famed 'Big hit Movie', with their familly (at a "safe neighborhood theater"), a place where there had never been one incident of violence, whether it was  midnight or not, if the subject owned a gun,  he wouldn't think to arm himself on that particular night. I think he would put his gun away in its safe place and go out with his mind primarily on having fun and relaxation.

In case of an unexpected incident like what happened that notorious night; during the mayhelm, the subject would wish for their gun, hating what was happening to himself, his family and friends, and not able to forgive himself for not bringing it.  He would stand there or hide somewhere helpless with no recourse.  The mayhelm would continue and the killling would have happened just as it did.

For many years, many different groups, as well as the christian leaders, warned against the violent games that our youngsters play on their X-boxes, Play-Stations, etc., and the continous violence on tv and movies. They warned about the effects the extreme visions would have on young impressionable minds. Instead of curtailing the violence, the movie makers got more in-depth with their play-acting on screen, and the violence in their stories grew even more compelling.

From my point of view, the movie was the perfect place to carry out the erruption in a mind that had practiced it over and over, needed.  Because he'd seen it hundreds of times on tv, so many times in the movies, and made it happen to his avatars even more times than that, the violence was imprinted in his soul.  He was totally capitvated by his vice and it had taken complete controll of him.  For sheer pleasure, his demons drove him to act on his impluses.

The theater held the exact covert atmoshere, the loud exciting music cresendos, and the right players for his game. Unfortunately, James Holmes played his game wih real weapons and real people and while playing his role as a villian, (like an actor or a master-mind controlling his avatars) won against his imagined foes.

I hope we as solid, sober minded Americans, readliy learn from this tradegy, the responsiblility our citizens should exhibit.  We must take measures so we won't have to suffer acts of violence such as this ever again; acts such as this one that cause loss in a gripping magnitude of so many inocent lives. We need to do whatever is necessary to never let anxious mis-guided misfits, who pre-meditate evil acts, practice for real on unwittingly inocent lives their satanic spue. Behavior they've learned from that ever so familiar demonic scene they've witnessed in movies and the violent epic they've played on their private game consoles hundreds of times.  Come on people, let's just do it!

I'm just saying!

Ruth Purnell-Wyatt/Writer,Author

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