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Let;s Push Forward

Posted by RWyatt on January 7, 2013 at 2:30 AM

I’m not an avid political endorser of any particular party, just the policies that affect our everyday lives.

My heart longs for change. The critical change purported by the election and declared by the majority of the people in America when we selected our leader in November, 2012.  My longings and appeal are to one group in particular.  I appeal to the group who fought to have their vote count and who voted for a riveting chance to show our unity for that change, by a vast majority in the last election.  That group is the African American voters who turned out in an uprecedented percentage rate in a moving outcry for that change. My idealisted hope is for them to step up to the challenge and help our President make the changes that are prevalent for us. Our votes spoke to the ‘powers that be’ and said we won the right by our show of support for our man and our eagerness to put him in office.


To make our voices heard, as has been proven historically, we must push with prolonged grit and determination to attain our civil liberties, our equal share and justice in the social and economic position in America. We ask for no more or no less than our fair share. The Middle Class has been bought to near poverty by the woes of the down-turn that happened in this latest economic crises. But we won the right to have our Middle Class bought back to their pre-recession status by asking the richest Americans to pay a bit more in taxes in that decisive election.


Absolutely none of the changes that can occur will reach our group, unless we fight fearlessly. Nothing is gained in our society until we fight with ‘actions of force’ and resolute. We must use effective measures to get and keep the attention of our elected congressmen in both houses. I adjure you to call them, write letters, and join protesters who protest peacefully, to demand a financial revolution for our people and this country.  We demand improved health care that won't take away way what we've recently gained. To strengthen Social Security, not lower its standards. When we use whatever is within our abilities to forge a united front, and when we protest so loudly our voices are felt all the way up on Capitol Hill, then we let them know we are dead serious and will never back down from pivotal achievements we've already gained and have a right to.


I’ve heard that when a person exercise to build-up muscles for a period of time, and the muscles begin to strengthen,  if he/she quit exercising, the muscles will atrophy. We worked with such fortitude and courage to get our candidate elected during the 2012 election, we mustn't stop now. We made our votes count and our voices heard. It was important to us! Let’s not make the mistake of letting the resilient flexing of our voters’ muscles atrophy. Let the work we began, grow into a fundamental power that will effect the changes we desire for us now and for future generations.


Every taxpayer, no matter what race or creed, is entitled to equal social and economic liberties. Yet we find disproportionately among minorities, a tendency toward neglectful inclusion in the American promise.  I implore you, let’s keep the momentum going.  Make it loud, from when we were all fired up during the elections, to reach deep into the consciousness of those we elected. We demand better education opportunities, a lower jobless rate for African Americans, and foremost, we need laws passed that will protect us from random killings in the streets. This is just to name a few very vital issues we must fight for.


Push forward my fellow citizens, and never let our elected officials take us for granted as they have in the past. Remember: To praphrase the bible; “The earth suffers violence and the violent take it by force.”


My view on the subject

Ruth Purnell-Wyatt

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