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We Celebrated My Father - Aaron Purnell, Sr. - Birth Year -1912

Posted by RWyatt on April 6, 2013 at 8:05 PM




Almost a year ago, my siblings and I got together to celebrate our father’s 100th birth year. We appealed to all of his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren by promising them the best reunion they’d ever had. The party was exactly what we’d hoped for.

To make it more interesting to our youngters, we added that our father was born on the evening the Titanic went down, April 12, 1912.



We broke bread together, drank nectar, reminisced and had the best time ever. The eldest among us told stories of yester-year; everything they remembered. The younger ones, listened raptly as they were told details of unheard stories their uncles had never revealed before. My second oldest brother bought items that belonged to my father, who died in 1957. Personal items he used while he was alive. Items such as the shaving brush and razor he used and handy tools he had owned.



My youngest brother read a letter my father had written to my mother while he was away in Chicago seeking a job. We were astonished to learn he was put upon to buy a job if he was to get one, back in 1957. Our family remained in Mississippi during the time our father was in Chicago.

We'd hoped to move there with him in a few months, but he never found a job that would sufficiently support his wife and eight underage children, so we didn’t get to go.



The younger adult members of the family got together and organized a trip down to Bill Street in Memphis, no more than an hour away. That trip was their whole talk the next day. We stayed for three days in a hotel, exclusively reserved for our family.  For the full three days, we had the run of the whole place. All of the first cousins went from room to room and in some cases, acquainting themselves with each other, or getting reacquainted.

The reunion was exceptional. The wonderful time we had gave us reason to do it again.



We plan to have another immediate family reunion next year in 2014 to celebrate our mother’s birth year. I’m hoping when we come together the next time, we will have a blast again.

We took lots of pictures.  Go look at them here in my photos.






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