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Posted by RWyatt on January 9, 2014 at 1:30 AM

It has been a long while since I've updated my Blog.  Well, I suppose I felt there wasn't anything significant to say.  However, I feel remiss because thinking about it,  I should be more forthcoming.  I want those who wouldn't mind hearing from me regularly, to have that opportunity.  

I do want you to know though, I've been busy writing my next book.  And I am glad to report the first draft is finished.  I haven't decided the title positively yet, but have a strong contender.  

The novel is absolutely fiction.  Though the story may resemble someone you may know, life's perils, It is not to be considered as based on anyone's true life story.  I've been in Churches of different denominations all of my life, and many of my readers may have also, and may think they recognize a particular person in the story.  My knowledge and observation of church goers behavior is enormorous.  Therefore, I used my experience of the many years in attendence to develop my story.

In the meantime, I want to keep you in tune with my first book: The Saga of Katie Ruth. 

I read it through for the upteenth time, and I am enthralled and elated with the inspiring words written in it.  I was able to relate effectively, so that others may enjoy reading my work as well.  As I wrote, I prayed and ask for help with nearly every word.  Without a doubt, my prayers were answered.  I give all the praise to God.

A reader had this comment:

(I explained in detail about this event mentioned in the story.  I don't think it needs to be expounded upon again right here.) 

Gloria Purnell

I recently read a Purnell history fact in "The Saga of Katie Ruth"! Chapter 23 & page 135, " Another one (Ruth Wyatt) graduated in 1968. Just last year when Dr. Martin Luther King had marched there in Winona (Mississippi) for the advancement of colored people, Ruth marched with him....she ..marched right up in front of the line. Right beside Martin himself" What a historic blessing!

Ruth Wyatt: Gloria Purnell, I appreciate your sincere interest in the history of our family & expressing enjoying some of the highlights of The Saga of Katie Ruth.

It’s true, I most certainly did march arm in arm with Dr. King. …..

When we heard the Freedom Riders were coming through our small town, so many of the black citizens of our community were fearful, but Samuel McNutt, our first cousin and I, took on courage...if other black folk wouldn't, we would take a stand against the opposition aganst our freedoms we faced every single day. We were tired of Jim Crows' crippling efforts to hold us in its grip, so we were energized and ready to play whatever small part we could.

That day, we were told the Freedom Riders were coming in wagons and would arrive in Winona shortly.

Dr. King & the Freedom Riders finally arrived later in the afternoon that day. We were, to say the least, anxious and excited to meet our champion of freedom in the flesh. When his entourage came over to the area where we were, I rushed over to Dr. King admst the crowd, told him how glad we all were that he had finally made it to Winona and shook his hand. He smiled and said he was glad to have all of our support.

After we received instructions and were prepared to march th mile or so to the courthouse, I took my place right beside Dr. King and walked right next to him along with several other of his other supporters that lived in Winona. We marched right up to the steps of the Winona Courthouse.

Dr. King left the marchers after we arrived at the Courthouse, went up to the top of the stairs and addressed his supporters and the rest of the people who were in attendance.  We gave him our undivided attention and listened with rapt attention as he spoke to us.

Scores of Policemen surrounded us, waiting for us to make one wrong move.

Sam and I stood firm in our conviction, stayed close to the Freedom Riders the rest of the day and that night we had a rally at the Methodist Church.


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